Environmental Policy

Joe Issell Painting is committed to minimising our environmental impact on all of our projects in order to protect the environment, minimise inconvenience to our clients and assist those who may be sensitive to painting fumes.

We use and recommend low VOC Dulux paints such as, Dulux Professional Envir02. We understand that each client has different needs and choices, so we are flexible and willing to discuss those needs and choices.

Our philosophy also extends to our waste management processes. We use the innovative ENVIRO Wash system. This is a water based paint wash-out and treatment system that turns paint wash-out into clean water and solid waste that can be disposed of safely. This will ensure there is no unsightly paint residue left on your premises.

  • We use the ENVIRO Solutions Wash System on all jobs. ENVIRO Wash uses 70% less water and turns paint wash-out into clean water and solid waste.
  • We offer clients a choice of environmentally friendly products such as Enviro02.
  • We promote correct, responsible disposal and recycling of all allowable products.
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